Instead of gathering at Tallink Hotel Riga both for the conference and the workshops, FrontCon 2020 will be taking place in 2 different locations:
🟢 Fantadroms – venue for the conference (August 13 & 14)! Located at Gustava Zemgala Gatve 74a, Fantadroms stands for – aerodrome and fantasy. Whatever the event, the environment has great power and Fantadroms uses it to the fullest.
🟢 Rija VEF Hotel – venue for the workshops (August 12)! Located at Brīvības iela 199c, it is not only a place where elegance joins comfort, but also a place where you will meet professional workshop hosts and learn from their experience.”How do I find Fantadroms? Where do I park?” you may be wondering.
You can walk or bike to Fantadroms from city centre, OR you can also take the tram (1) and hop off at the stop “Gustava Zemgala Gatve”.
If you choose to drive, it is possible to park your car there as well.
Parking fees:
8:00-18:00 1€/h
All day 8:00-18:00 4€
All evening 18:00-24:00 1.50€
:round_pushpin: Fantadroms is located in HENRIHS Office Building at Gustava Zemgala gatve 47a.