Angular Essentials: Develop modern Web Apps

12.08.2020, 09:00-17:00

In this training, you will learn Angular from the very beginning by using many examples. A continuous case study shows all of Angular’s concepts in the context of a business application. Learn best practices for sustainable development. A mix of lecture, live coding and many exercises guarantees that it will never be boring. Use the post-training case study as a template for your own projects. Learn valuable background about the concepts and ideas behind the possibilities of Angular.

Develop Components, use Services with Angular’s Dependency Injection system and subscribe to Observables to request data with the HttpClient. A powerful Router maps the URL to Component views, while the build in Form support makes it easy to monitor the Form’s status and validity.

Technical requirements for the participants:

  • IDE
    • Typically Visual Studio Code (free) or IntelliJ/WebStorm (commercial) are well-suited for Angular and TypeScript development.
    • Please preinstall the IDE of your choice and the software mentioned below so that everyone is prepared for the training.
  • Setup
    • Node.js preinstalled on the participant’s computers
      • e.g. LTS version
    • Angular CLI globally installed
      • npm install -g @angular/cli@latest
    • Test with „npm -v“ und „ng v“ if npm and the Angular CLI work globally
      • the respective versions of npm and the Angular CLI should be shown
    • Chrome preinstalled
    • Optional install git
      • to clone the source code of our demo app during the training
      • alternatively, the repository can be opened with the browser to download it as ZIP file or examine the code online