Tianyu Pu

Tianyu Pu

web developer at Booking.com


She is currently working as a full-stack web developer (ex-Atlassian, currently at Booking.com) with a strong passion for learning and teaching. Her background is in computer science and quantitative finance. She worked with a range of languages (Java, JavaScript, Python, Lisp among others) and both old and new libraries and frameworks (Backbone, React, RxJS, Spring, Django, scikit-learn, etc) in these languages. Apart from her technical interests, you will find her geeking out about nutrition, physiology and physical training, and classical piano.



Speaker Sessions


Workshop day

12th of August 2020


Conference day 1

13th of August 2020


Conference day 2

14th of August 2020

No sessions on this day

No sessions on this day